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Jordan 3 Black Cement Option

Picture courtesy of from France

As we, just like many sites have been hyping the big black Friday release of the Jordan 3 Black Cements we’ve kinda of looked over a few great alternatives.  This right here is one of them:  It’s a Julian Simon G-90 Full Grain Leather, Patent with Crocodile trim.  The red and black pictured here has the best depth perception and contrast.  Although they also come in Black, Blue and Grey.  They Cost 135 Euro.  And they are also limited. Last I checked the website had 23 pairs left. If you hurry you can find a pair here.

Other news from around town:  Paris Hilton was Surfing in Waikiki on Monday and she is rumored  to be going to the Afrojack Rave at Wet n Wild later tonight (11/23/11)  Supposedly she has a new album coming out with lots of great artists on it including Afrojack-who she has become great friends.   Sammy Haggar was also in town on Monday-he had a media party for his new rum at the Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki.  I was working and couldn’t make it, but a couple of friends of mine went and they received autographed bottles of the new rum!!! NFL Pro Bowl Tickets for the January 29, 2012 game also went on sale on Monday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  

HTMIIA-Clothes Tips

Since tonight is the Season Finale of How to Make it in America.  Here’s  a quick rundown on some of the clothes and accessories as seen on the show or on the actors in real life.

Kurt and Bart are the Costume Designers for How to Make it in America.  Their favorite place to shop for the vintage look is at the Fox and Fawn in Brooklyn, NY.  Here they’ve found 80’s costume Jewelry, Vintage Leather wear, Hipster Designer shoes, and Hot brands like YSL and Cacharel.  There’s also a record store in the back of the store.

Ben or as we should say here-Bryan Greenberg personally likes J. Crew, Kenneth Cole and Urban Outfitters. and his personal fav designers include Rag & Bone, Simon Spurr, Dior, and Alexander Wang.

(Much of the Info for this post is courtesy of and

The best overall article I’ve read on Kurt and Bart and the clothes in the show can be read here.  A quick snapshot is:  Kurt and Bart Looked to the Streetz and the Subway for Inspiration.  A typical male characters look would include: Jeans by A.P.C, Jackets from Freeman’s Sporting Club and Sneakers from Gourmet.  I’ve personally seen mostly Nike-no Jordans for some reason, but lots of Dunks.

Dont forget to check out the finale tonight on HBO, I’d write more but I’m late for a trip to the North Shore. Aloha.



It Doesn’t get Any More “Street” than this!

Yep-It's real!

One of the first QR Code tattoos is on me!  Yep, it’s real, Yep it’s permanent, and Yes I like it!  I still have my stickers and my laminates, but next party I’m at, just flash your QR Scanner on this and bound you’ll be in seconds.  It was the first QR Code that Lee Maxwell at Bespoke Custom Tattoo did and he did say it was fun to do but  a bit of a batty eyed session to make, lots of intricate detail.  He used an extra thin needle and it didn’t even hurt a bit!  I’ll get a bigger, better picture later on, but since it’s so new, this is all I had for you today.

I get most of my ink done at Bespoke.  It’s a really fun place to hang and they do great custom pieces.  Check out Bespoke Custom Tattoo on Oahu across the street from Sams and Wal-Mart on Keeaumoku Street.  Lee  did this piece, Tyler and Ryson are also really good at their custom work.  See you in New York in Mid-December.  The Day I get there, I’m heading to Madison Square Garden to see Swedish House Mafia, Jaques La Cont and A-Trak.  Tomorrow I’ll be on the North Shore, hopefully checking out the first Crown of the Triple Crown of Surfing.  I’ll get you an update in about 24 hours.

And don’t forget to watch or DVR – “How To Make it in America” this Sunday night November 20th-Even thought there’s only been about 5 shows, HBO is saying it’s the season finale! Woah! That sure was a quick season.  Hope they come back for Season 3.

How To Make it in American Season 1 Jackets

How To Look like you are making it in America/NYC Season 1 inspired Jackets

Well, this post is a bit late to say the least. But, I was hoping Ben would start wearing some better clothes in season two and I could tell you more about them.  It seems in Season one he had the best military inspired jackets around town, this year he’s been wearing girly knits and plain black thin hoodies.  Doesnt make sense how someone with such swag one year can go to such lameness the next. So, this blog will be about How to Make it in America Season 1’s inspired Jackets as seen from the Heat from the Streetz. 

Getting the Look

Most of what Ben wore in Season 1 were military inspired Pea coats. The Limited Express and J. Crew are probably your best bets to get this look. But buy early, last year when I got to NYC in December The Limited was pretty much out of all the good sizes for all their Hip jackets.  And don’t forget Army Navy stores, You can buy the originals or look alikes and then purchase a few patches, medals and other Knick-Knacks at the same store and take them to a local tailor and you’ve got your own original design.  Here in Hawaii, I like military HQ over by Sand Island Access Road. It’s a little pricey, but they do have some good authentic gear here.  And my favorite Army Navy store is the one on Belmont in Chicago. If you get a chance to go to Chicago, this is a must see store. The first floor has all hot brands, the next floor has tons of shoes and the next floor has some skater gear and the Army/Navy/Military originals and knock offs at pretty awesome prices,a huge selection of gear and the jackets will for sure keep you warm as well as keep you looking stylish. 

Here are a few pix from The Limited Express that look similar to what Ben had on in How to Make it in American Season 1:

Limited Express Herringbone Hooded Peacoat

  Here’s another Hot look from the Limited Express for Winter 2011-12

Limited Express Short Wool Blended Peacoat

And here is Ben Epstein at a Photo shoot for complex magazine wearing a Dark Blue Converse Peacoat

New Era x Marc Jacobs Colab


This is the first picture I’ve seen of the New Era x Marc Jacobs Colab.  It comes to us all the way from France via the Shoes-up site. According to Shoes-Up, this will be available first in Paris at the Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutiques on the Place Du Marche in Saint Honore.  pretty Cool-MJ could be Marc Jacobs, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, even Michael Jackson.  I actually like the look of this hat, but would for sure buy the black on black version of it.  I do like slate grey like in the lettering, but not much of a felt grey/Grade School Grey kinda dude.  I’m sure the Satorolists have a better name for this type of grey, it just reminds me of athletic gear in the 70s kind of color.  But, as I said, I’d still sport this cap, it’s pretty Fresh!

Black Friday, Black Flips or both?

Another 111 OMG!!

Just when we’re all ready to buy our Retro Jordan Black/Cement 3’s on Black Friday. Nike Announces yet another color-way.  This is the Air Jordan 111 Black Retro Flip.  I found it on the street rules blog and the picture is courtesy of  Me, I still have my eyes set on the Concord X1’s that come out a couple of days before Christmas or maybe the Black Cement 3’s if I can manage to get out of the house on Thanksgiving Eve.  These look a big too much like the all Black Cats I already have and they come with a pretty hefty price tag of $175.   It sure is a good year for some pretty Sweet Jordans-Too bad it’s not a good year for the NBA.  The talks earlier today didn’t go to well and it looks like the players are going to disband the union and file a suit.  If that for sure happens, I doubt there will even be a season.  My hope is we’re still set on the season starting Mid December.  What will you watch on TV on Christmas Day if there’s no NBA basket ball game??  Ugh-I don’t think I can deal with a kids DVD or even a regular Movie. That would just suck.  NBA, Please come back before Christmas.  There wont’ be anything  to quarrel over either. I’ll miss that action too!

Jordan Black Cement 3’s Almost Here!

Fresh Photo of the New 3's

Here’s one of the latest pictures of the Air Jordan 3’s Black Cement set to release on Black Friday-the day after Thanksgiving or the Midnight of Thanksgiving depending on where you live. Special Thanks to for the photo. You can click here for more pix from them.

And Here is Dwayne Wade sporting the 3’s. For more pictures of him click right here.  I like the shoes, I like the Kicks mixed with a nice suit, I like Gabrielle Union, but not too sure about the D-Wades’s suit. For some reason the material looks funky.  I guess I like more of a 100% Wool suit especially a black one.

Picture Courtesy of

And from one of my favorite shows at the moment, here is Kid Cudi wearing a pair of Air Jordan 3’s, I’m just not positive if they are the new ones or not. Seems there’s been about 3 or 4 in similar colorways. I have a pair of all Black-black Cats, the only Jordans I own that don’t hurt my feet.  But that’s never stopped me from wearing all the other tons of J’s in my Condo. Special Thanks to for the picture of How to Make it in America’s Kid Cudi Rockin’ his J-3’s

Photo Courtesy of

Hot Trend 11.11.11

Stick-Boarding? Land-Paddling? Stick-Skating? Paddle-Skating? Street Paddle Boarding?

I’m going to write this Old School Street Trend spotting style first. Then I’ll go to the internet and see what I can find. A little backward then what I’ve been doing lately, but the way I’ve been spotting trends for many a year!

A few weeks ago, as some of you may know, after about a month of deliberation, I bought my 5BORO Empire State Building Skateboard and have been having a pretty good time on it.  When I mentioned it to a friend, they said, “Why don’t you Get a Paddle? I’ve been seeing a bunch of guys and gals skating around with big, long sticks lately”  I said  “You’re joking, Paddle-Boarding is for the Ocean..I know you’re just messing with me”  Well this past weekend,  I saw my first “Stick-Boarder”- the name I like the best out of the five I made up at the top of this blog.  I didn’t think much of seeing the Stick-Skater-and kind of thought it was too much of a coincidence and maybe I was just seeing things.

But then, Tonight I saw my first REAL Stick-boarder over by 7-Eleven on Piikoi in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Now this guy was moving and grooving like he was in the Ocean.  I ran up closer to check him out and Yes, this has to be labeled a Trend as of NOW. He didn’t get that good in a day or two, must have been doing it for a few months or so.  The guy had a board the Size was between a Pro Model and a long Board and his stick or pole seemed to be wooden with some sort of Black stub on the bottom. He was for sure without a doubt, Paddling down the street on a skateboard  with a stick made for this new sport and he was very good at it.

Now, Let’s check the Internet and See What’s There?!?!

There’s some other Vids on YouTube, but you get the drift, its real, not sure if the trend is moving from Hawaii to the Mid-West or from the Mid-West to Hawaii.  Let me know if you know more about this new sport or if you spot anyone in your neighborhood Stick-Boarding down the street.  Let’s see how big this Gets. I for one will stick to skating once or twice a week and working on my Ollie before I get really hurt. So far, no really bad wipe-outs, just a couple of slip-ups, but still no Ollie and the internet says that’s the first trick that I gotta’ learn to be a skater. We’ll wait and see, hope I can get it before getting too bloody.

Premium Lifestyle-Back to Blogging about Kicks..Whew!

After all that food at the Dessert Fantasy, it’s time to get back to the streetz and hit the kicks. Check out this fun video of a new European Store. The cup of espresso with the home-made whipped cream looks so incredibly delicious-As he scoops it up, I can totally taste it-Sweet! Then, when you get to the Kicks, shoes, Books, and art! WOW! What a Cool Store.

If you’re ever in the Neighborhood, it’s located at:
Premium Lifestyle
5 Bis, Ruel Louisblanc
66000 PERPIGNAN France

Check out the Vid and let me know your thoughts. Talk to you soon.

UCP Dessert Fantasy 2011

How Sweet it Is!


Today was the United Cerebral Palsy’s Dessert Fantasy 2011.  Two hours of Non Stop Dessert Eating.  Today’s blog will have more pictures than writing.  If you like desserts-you’re gonna love these pix!


Here’s the delectable pure chocolate Centerpiece that was auctioned off at the end of the 2 hour Eating extravaganza!  Double Yum!

These are Red Velvet donuts with yummy icing.  Since I’m on the UCP Board, I was able to get us some nice shots of lots of the yummy desserts before anyone started to eat them.  Oh man-Oh Man-I doubt I will sleep for a long while, so much sugar and sweets today!

There were so many different desserts to eat, it was hard to choose what to eat first, than second, third, fourth, fifth and so on. Whew-Time for some Water. then another round of Eating.

On the Left: PInk and Red Delites and the Right: a nice colorful presentation of brownies and icing.

Are You Getting Hungry yet? The next two pictures are  of things that went really fast and I was unable to try.  Some Fun Strawberry Yummies and Red Velvet-Chocolate covered Lollipops.  There weren’t enough of these to go around, that’s about all they had so if you didn’t get there early, gone, gone, gone- pretty quickly.

Red, White and Bountiful!

My Favorite thing to eat the entire night were the Chocolates at the Choco-Lea Chocolate Truffle Bar They had freshly made chocolate covered oreos and my favorite-the Lilikoi filled hand-made Chocolate Truffles. These were so awesome, you just put them in your mouth and there was no chewing to be done, they actually just melted luxuriously into my mouth. WOW-I never had anything like this before.  The Freshly cooked Hot out of the Oil Malasada’s were also very delish!



Ohhh Yeah!-So Much Fun!                                  BTW:  GI Cakes Won the Peoples Choice Awards and GI Cakes and The Gros Bonet Academy won the judges choice award for this big time dessert fantasy Day.

These were Great!

You know what else was good?  These Flourescent Xtreme Green mini bowls of “Stuff”.  They actually had gelatin on the bottom, then home-made ice cream, then some Green Rice Krispies on the top. I especially liked the Geletin.

Xtreme Green-Da' Flo Green is in Da' House! Oh Yeah!!

On the left is a great picture of this special Xtreme Green Dessert and on the left one of the most popular items of the silent auction. A couple of Mamason and Papason Figurines and some seaweed.  The paper was filled all the way to the bottom with names. And the winner got this $22 Value for $45!!  The other popular item at the Silent Auction was the Spam and Musabi maker.

And if you go to this event next year, be prepared towards the end to rush to the stage to buy a $5 container. Once you get the container, you get to run all around the place and grab as much of the leftovers as you can fit in your container! Best deal in the islands!!  And before I finish writing, Here’s a picture of the Kicks I was wearing at the United Cerebral Palsy’s Dessert Fantasy.  My Black Patent “Jump” Fierce Kicks from the Soho, NYC Store.

Yummy for the next day!

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