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Thursday the 13th

Thursday is the Best Night of the Week!

A Sneak Look at Eminem’s Kick’s Collection

Oh, I do like those blue Air Jordans. But We still have hope for Spikes Blue and orange New York Knicks Kicks. They aren’t exactly the same, but close enough at least in looks, probably not as limited. 100 pairs..that’s barely any. Enjoy the Vid. The shoes were on display at the Brisk Bodega and props go out to sneaker news and Greenhitz for turning me on to the Vid!

Checkin’ the Deckin’s of the Streetz of Zoo York!

Zoo York Streetz of New York Decks

It’s been about three weeks since I had a wicked long dream that I was skateboarding on the streetz of New York and Honolulu. And I haven’t been on a skateboard since mine got stolen in 1987.  But since that dream, I just can’t get it out of my head that I should be skateboarding around town. I even wrote about How cool skateboard wheels were on my sister blog advertisinginhawaii which is pretty off from what I usually talk about over there.

Well, I blog on streetzblog every Friday without fail and tonight when I was trying to figure out what to write, I came across what else but some really nice Zoo York skateboard decks! These are all Sweet pieces of street photography shot by Brian Kelley/BK  for ZY.  I can’t tell you how to buy one, because I actually tried and couldn’t figure it out. But they did just come out pretty recently, so maybe they’re at the store and not on the net.  And even if I did buy one, it would probably be best if I hung it on my wall like a painting instead of trying to ride it, not sure I want to get all bloody right now. But that could be cool too.. with Halloween right around the corner, I might fit in well all bloodied up.  Would save me money on a costume. Have a nice weekend! I’m heading over to alohalectric right now. If you’re there, text me at 808 479-9928 and we can talk about what’s hot on the streetz. Or hit me up with a comment and LMK which board is your favorite or if you think I should skate to work next week.  BTW-I like the board with the Golden Wall Street Bull on it the best.  Until next time..Ciao and Aloha from Honolulu.

Now We’re Having Fun at!!!

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