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Happy Halloween 2011

"Go Green or Go Home"

I like this picture, I can just feel the wet paint oozing on to  my skin.  This Costume won the MSN.com Postbox’s  costume contest for 2011.
The Today Show announced this morning that Snookie, Lady Ga Ga, and Katy Perry are the number one costumes for ladies this year.  Charlie Sheen is the number one costume for Guys and Angry birds for the kids. Me personally, I’ve seen more Zombies than ever before!!!
HawaiifiveOonline.net’s Chris Davis reports that on tonight’s Hawaii Five-O, Robert Englund/Freddie Krueger will guest Star.  He plays a homeless man who guards a Hawaiian Burial site and puts a curse on Scott Caan/Danny.  You can check out her blog for more info or watch the show later tonight.  Happy Halloween!!
Now-Check out what Heidi Klum whore to her own Costume Party at Tao last night.  This has to be one of the most awesome costumes of all time!  She spent most of the day being “put together” and airbrushed. She was first wheeled in on a Dr’s cart as the “Dead Body” and later on she got up off the table and schmoozed with the crowd!  More pictures and details are available at this link.

"Hey, Does Anyone Know What's for dinner in the Hospital's Cafeteria Tonight?"

I'm A-A-Aliiiive! And Yes, I am the real Heidi Klum!

And After all those earlier blog posts on Halloween Kicks, I figured I’d better show you what I chose to wear today.  My Flo-Orange Y-3 x Adidas Colabs.  Gonna Rock them all day and into the night in Waikiki Tonight!  Happy Halloween! Have fun!
The Brightest Orange Shoes that I own!

LMK what you decided to Wear?  Or what’s up for 2012 when you find out?

It was a great Halloween this year, the only BIg Bummer for me, Is “Where was Regis?” on the Regis and Kelly Annual Halloween Show.  He’s been talking about the special show for 2 weeks.  Nick Lachey took his place! OMG! Regis-Where you at?  I guess I better get used to it, because Regis is moving on in like 22 days anyways. Me, personally, I think they should pay him to stay.  But that doesn’t look like it will happen.  Well, at least my employers will be happy, I’ll be on time to work every single day from the day Regis quits.  Note: Today I DVR’d it so I could watch The whole show and so I could get to work on time for Halloween!

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