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HOT Kicks for Halloween 2011

Whew! This was probably the most intense week of my life. Went to work from 830AM until 1230PM then to School from 100PM until 8PM then did homework. Did it! The thing I missed the most was Streetzblog.com and going to the gym. All finished now and it’s time for some quick catching up. Here’s some of the HOT kicks you can wear or try to find for Halloween. Enjoy!

Too much White for me-Whatcha' thinK

On the left:  Nike Orange Black and White’s.  A bit too much white on these for me.

On the Right are my favorite Halloween shoes, One side is Black with and Orange stripe and on the other they are orange with a black swoosh.  These can be seen on pickyourshoes.com  but have been sold out for 2 years. I could have gotten a pair, but was being frugal the year they came out..aaah what a bummer!

These are my totally number one FAVES!



I do have a pair of these, not sure why? LOL

Now I do own a pair of these black, white, brown Nike Blazers. They have some interesting creepy etchings on them, but when I wear them, no one seem to notice them, so not my favorite Halloween shoes, plus like most of my Nike’s they hurt the bottoms of my feet. But at the time I bought them, I must have seen something cool in them. I actually think I bought them the year I found out that the Orange and Black patents were sold out and just needed to have a new pair of Halloween kicks.  I may or may not wear them this year, depends if I can even find them in my Shoe filled Condo!

These look best at the Clubs!

This pair I would have bought if I was 20 years younger and went to the clubs every night because they do work and they do glow really good. but only in the clubs. Otherwise they are just a pair of plain yellowish white Nikes and I’m not really a favorite of white Kicks.

But they do Bang pretty awesomly in the Nightclubs, much better than that silly glow in the dark hairspray that never seems to quite work.

Frank's Fave's

Now this Green pair on the right are kind of cool and

you dont need to be in the club for them to show up. But

from what I remember they only made them for kids.Oh Well..maybe next time. And hey-Where are the Halloween Jordan’s I’ve never seen a pair of them. What is up with that! the most popular shoes in the entire World and no special colorway for Halloween..Hey come on Michael-let’s get with the Halloween Spirit!

Are you getting scared yet? LOL

These look a bit similar to the Black and Orange Patents, just not much going on here. Pretty Subtle and Halloween is NOT for the Subtle. Go Big! Go Bright! Go Black! Go Bright Orange or Don’t bother going out. Stay at home bored to death because no one trick or treats art your house or condo anymore, they get much more candy free from the stores at the malls. Halloween is one night, you gotta get out of the house even if it’s not to a party or a club, it just sux to be at home alone on Halloween.

Hey-Yo! I'm a bit different than the rest. What happened?

This Pair is called the NIKE SB Blood Splatter.  And Hey-They have a completely different colorway then any other pair on this page. What a concept. You don’t always need Black, Orange and White.  For a tune to go with these-check out Fake-Blood’s “Mars” or “Blood Splashing”

I Glow Too..Do You?

The pair on the right actually glow in the nightclub. But only in the nightclub. So another good pair for an 18-24 year old. you can find these on pickyourshoes.com.

Now, here’s a new pair for 2011, but as far as I can tell, I think they are only for kids. Not totally sure, but that’s what they’re saying in the blogosphere. At least its a new colorway. Not sure what light blue has to do with Halloween, but if they’re for kids, they can figure that out. Not really my style anyways. too many colors on one show. and the front’s look a bit “ortho” old man too.

Some new kicks for 2011

Nike Airmax, well I don’t own any Airmax 95’s so I can’t really comment much on these  But to me they look like regular everyday shoes, nothing special enough to wear on Halloween or even Halloween Weekend. but I do include them because I know a lot of Europeans enjoy the Airmax 95’s and may want to get a pair of these.


Attack of the Feiyue wearing Werewolf

Attack of the werewolf – Movie from Feiyue on Vimeo.

We’re having fun now! OMG-This is going to be so much fun to have a blog for the Halloween Season. My favorite holiday which I’ve been writing about on my sniperwells.web.me site for 5 years.But now with WordPress, more people like you will be able to see all the fun things that happen during the Halloween Season. I’m so Stoked!! This is a video entitled “Attack of the Werewolf” by a French Kicks maker called Feiyue. A few years back I almost ordered a pair of these kicks since I hadn’t seen them before in Hawaii. But, (at least back then) the shipping was almost as costly as the shoes, so I still don’t own a pair of these bad boys. But it’s pretty cool how they did some Advertising with their stylish Kicks and many a person’s favorite Holiday of Halloween!

Check out the MIchael Jackson Fashion references and dance moves and beware! The end is a slightly bit scary for an American Audience. It Probably doesn’t phase the Europeans one bit, but Americans you may freak a slight bit or not. Speaking of Europe, my dad just got back from Brussels last night, I hope he brought us some tunes or hot mags to write about here on Streetzblog.com. I’ll let you know as soon as I have dinner with him on Saturday night. Until Then..Sweet Dreams (the song reference is of course the Marilyn Manson version.. which BTW I first heard at the Limelight in NYC long before the Limelight turned into an indoor mall) And Sniper Wells was the first to play it in the 808!

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