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HOT on the Streetz 10-16-11

So last night I Dj’d from 9:30p-11:30p at the Miss Vamp After Party at theVenue, Thursday night I DJ’d from 930P-130A at LotusSoundBar and Wednesday night I did a proposal for my job from 3:30p-10:40p, this morning I had a 4:00am conference call and it is now 7:00am on Sunday morning.  Thus, right now I am running on full-fledged adrenaline and Fumes-When the crash comes it will be ugly. But the Good news is, I’m gonna’ write up some pretty happening things that are presently “Hot on the Streetz”.  Hope you enjoy them.  And please don’t call my cell around Noon -3p today, I will hopefully be sleeping.

Hot on the Streetz 10-16-11

My Ears Are Burning HOT

1.  Matchstick Earrings:  It’s funny how some of the simplest things can be the hottest things.  These come in various shapes and sizes and some look even more like the real thing. The one’s pictured are of the higher end quality and the only picture I could find. W magazine-yes the real mag has a picture where they actually look like the wooden matchsticks. Either way you go-these will be great conversation starters.  The Earrings are available at a Brooklyn based brand St. Kilda and can be found on their internet site.




Nice colorway..eh?

2. Lebron 9’s Special Colorway:  Well this kind of irritated me a bit.  I thought I was all cool and hip and happening because Nike sent me an invitation to purchase the new Lebron 9’s before they went on sale to the general public.  Well, the ones they offered me were the usual black and red 9’s.  They were $175 and my next purchase will either be the need iPhone4s or a skateboard.  BUT, later that same day I found these on hypebeast.  The picture sure looks sleek, vibrant and a colorway I would probably attempt to get-who needs a new phone anyways-well I actually do so I can get you better pictures on to streetzblog.com. Anyways, I looked into getting a pair and of course they are limited and were only released on Friday night in MIAMI. Sheeez..I am still pissed off that Lebron didn’t go to the Knicks, now they release the happening colorway in Miami?  Lame!  Oh well, saves me money for either the new iPhone or the skateboard I still seem to be craving. The picture of the shoe does look nice though..eh?

Point capture and learn

The Wikitude App in Action

3.The wikitude App:  You just point your smart-phone camera at a street corner or random store and wikitude overlays it with pop-up links to more detailed Wikipedia entries, geo-tagged tweets, and other digital directs.  Good thing to have to make a few bucks off your drunk friends late at night during a trivia street corner trivia match!


These babies are going home to Japan from the 808


4. Multi Color Adidas and Simple colored Cons: This past week I spent some time in Waikiki watching the streetz and I went to see the new OMNI plane that will tak us all to Las Vegas. To see the plane I needed to spend 20 minutes in a TSA line complete with a fake ticket. So I took the time to check out the threads on the Japanese tourists as they headed back from HI to their homeland. As I was totally enthralled in a guys pair of Herringbone grey cargo pants-Oh man they are Killer! I spotted over 40 young Japanese tourists and what they were wearing on their feet.  Most, if not all of them had on brand new Kicks.  And all I saw were very colorful Adidas High and low tops in Yellows, blues, greens, purples and all with the 3 stripes.  No D. Rose or D. Howard b-ball shoes, but all basic leather 3 stripes with crazy colors.  The other shoe they all seemed to purchase were basic Converse.  Some had the one star-probably bought at Target with the super cheap prices.  And the others were really basic Cons-all High-Tops.  No Nike’s at all!  Struck me as funny for a bit, but then realized that our Hawaii Niketown hasn’t been around for a few years and ever since then, Nike product is pretty generic and useless to buy out here unless you have a secret hook up to get the 20-40 pairs of the good stuff sent out here.  The Adidas and Cons both have stores out here,Target has great deals on Cons and  there is both a Converse and an Adidas Outlet store in Waikele with some of the newest styles and the best prices I’ve seen in 10 years-especially the Converse!

The Cons also going to Japan from the 808











If you’ve seen anything HOT on the streetz LMK what’s there. Or if you have any thoughts on these HOT on the Streetz items, just comment me or email me or I kind of like twitter on Sundays and I can be found at @scottmackenzie3 on twitter-For some reason I like to watch TV on Twitter on Sunday nights. And only on Sunday nights.  Take Care!


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