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Checkin’ the Deckin’s of the Streetz of Zoo York!

Zoo York Streetz of New York Decks

It’s been about three weeks since I had a wicked long dream that I was skateboarding on the streetz of New York and Honolulu. And I haven’t been on a skateboard since mine got stolen in 1987.  But since that dream, I just can’t get it out of my head that I should be skateboarding around town. I even wrote about How cool skateboard wheels were on my sister blog advertisinginhawaii which is pretty off from what I usually talk about over there.

Well, I blog on streetzblog every Friday without fail and tonight when I was trying to figure out what to write, I came across what else but some really nice Zoo York skateboard decks! These are all Sweet pieces of street photography shot by Brian Kelley/BK  for ZY.  I can’t tell you how to buy one, because I actually tried and couldn’t figure it out. But they did just come out pretty recently, so maybe they’re at the store and not on the net.  And even if I did buy one, it would probably be best if I hung it on my wall like a painting instead of trying to ride it, not sure I want to get all bloody right now. But that could be cool too.. with Halloween right around the corner, I might fit in well all bloodied up.  Would save me money on a costume. Have a nice weekend! I’m heading over to alohalectric right now. If you’re there, text me at 808 479-9928 and we can talk about what’s hot on the streetz. Or hit me up with a comment and LMK which board is your favorite or if you think I should skate to work next week.  BTW-I like the board with the Golden Wall Street Bull on it the best.  Until next time..Ciao and Aloha from Honolulu.
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