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NYC T’s and Streetz..then and now

NYC Streetz

I pretty much like anything to do with the Streetz and  NYC and this video fits that description perfectly.  It’s from a T-World a T-Shirt “Journal” , you’ll see about 6-7 pretty HOT shirt brands in here and a few fun stories all set in NYC.  I particularly like the references to the 80’s when NY was “scary”.  Yep, the first time I was there, it was pretty scary, but the creative energy was blistering.

In 1987 on the same day, I saw both the scary and the “blistering” HOT creative side of NYC.

Scary:  I talked to a street guy for about 20 minutes, I was so enthralled that he knew my first name that I kept giving him $1 bills about every 4 minutes, each time making sure that I didn’t bust out one of my 3x $100’s that I had for the whole trip.  I was so scared and nervous I can still feel the feeling in my bones to this day.  He only knew my name because I had it imprinted on my plastic name badge from the New Music Seminar..LOL.  But he was good, calling me by name at least 5 times, but what he really needed wasnt a new friend but some “crack” money.  His eyes getting bigger and bigger as each minute went by.  I still don’t know how I made it away from him without giving up one or all of my $100’s but I did, Nowadays the same place I saw him is like a Disney Store and Ain’t no one around there looking for a new friend or someone to lend them some dolla’s for crack and beer.

Creative: As I walked down Broadway I still remember the really little feet painted into the side-walk, feet about as big as a 1 year olds, block after block after block. I think the guy did the up the whole Broadway sidewalk from 40th street to 12th.  Next, I saw some Basquait shirts in the “Unique Boutique”. I’m thinking $80 bucks for a T!  OMG-what that T-shirt would be worth today.  and nowadays $80 isn’t bad for a nice looking T-shirt, let alone a hand painted shirt by Basquait!  and the feeling in the air, well it just felt comfortable and fed my creative brain like idea raindrops dripping into my skin.  Was pretty incredible-that feeling.  Nowadays, up town has the same stores as downtown. But if you look hard enough and go down enough side streets, I can still feel the creative raindrops, they’re just a little harder to find and so are the scary people.

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