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Just in Time for the 4D movie..we find 3D Jeans!

3D Jeans by Timezone

Just as the 4D movie “Spy Kids” is hitting the theatre, Street and sportswear designer Timezone comes out with these new 3D Cotton Denim Jeans entitled the “Lewin”.  These jeans are ergonomically preshaped 3D jeans with a fit that features an extra width in the knee section as well as a slightly twisted seam on the side near the calves. This way the pants adjust to the body when worn and they fall straight along the leg when you’re standing still.  The new fit is available now in the “Lewin” design with more versions coming soon. A hologram card explains the functions of the jeans when they com in the mail for you from the timezone website.

If you check out the website, watch the nice HD video, It has a great vibe and gives one a feeling of “Wow..I gotta’ get some of these clothes to have as much fun as these Hot models are having”.  Special Thanks to the hard to find sportswear International Magazine (the real touch and feel magazine) for the tip on these hip, happening 3D Jeans.

How To Make it in America Season two..Trailer #2 NEW!

About a month ago we scored the first trailer for the new season, now here’s the second trailer very HOT off the presses. The trailer is very slick, fast paced and a bit on the rated “R” tip.  Looks like Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon take a trip to Tokyo and run into their usually mishaps, fun and mischief as they do in NYC. 

For now we have Entourage to watch for the rest of the Summer, anyone who likes Entourage, Fashion, Kicks and New York City will enjoy this show.  I like it, I didn’t actually expect it back because many critics didn’t like the show. And I don’t know anyone else who watches it-but that never means much.

This year Kid Cudi returns as Domingo Dean and we’ll have special appearances by Pusha T, Javier Nunez, Pharrel Williams amongst others.  Check back here on Streetzblog.com for rumours and news on the upcoming season I’m sure we’ll have them. 

Special thanks to GQ and HypeBeast for the clip.  I gotta’ tell you it was hard to get on to this page, it wasnt on YouTube, so I had to send it to my other blog advertisinginhawai.com, then copy and paste it over here. Now I need to erase it from over there..or maybe I’ll just keep it on there. It’s fun to watch, why not let more people see it.

Jordan x SNIPES x New Era..where they at?

Sweet, Slick yet pretty hard to Obtain

Today is August 19 and Today is the day that these limited Edition Jordan x SNIPES x New Era caps release. But if you click on the address that claims to be the only and exclusive place to get the hats at SNIPES at www.snipesshop.de It takes you to a German site that just says the word Snipes and some **German underneath it. No pictures of hats, nothing to buy.  Oh well, I like this picture  and the way they shot it with the reflective mirrored greys and blacks. It makes the Hat and Shoes look really nice.  The Ice Blue Soles on the shoes look pretty crip in this picture and I do know where you can get the shoes-they are available today at www.pickyourshoes.com  I just checked minutes ago and they have all the good sizes in stock.  Price is $179. 

**Today-8/22 I received an email from the SNIPES Shop PR Department.  The website is working-I just went there and it  is totally working.  And if you click here it WILL  take you directly to the Jordan x SNIPES x New Era Page.  I just checked it and it works perfectly and I also saw the limited Edition package on their home page-Good to go.  Note:  they are in the process of translating the site. But you really don’t need the English, It’s pretty easy to navigate the site in German.   I don’t know why I couldn’t access the site last week, but we are  good to go now.  You can purchase both the Hat and the kicks on the SNIPES Shop Site.   Special Thank You to the SNIPES Shop Public Relations Department for updating us on the links, pretty cool to get an email directly from the real SNIPES Shop!

The Kicks are available now.. the hats were actually pretty limited anyways-just 180 made, so don’t feel too bad if you click on the Snipes link and it takes you to a pretty lame page with nothing to buy on it. Who knows?  the German writing at the bottom probably says something like “We’re all sold out of the Hats-come back next time when we have 180 of the hats that go with the Air Jordan 3 Stealth”.
The BIG release for Jordan is the usually December 23rd release. This year they are serving up the Air Jordan 11 Concord.  I’ve seen the long  lines of freezing bodies in NYC  the past 3 years on December 22/23 and it’s cold outside. I’ve decided-when I sell my first copy of my book-WaveGoodbye, I’ll get me a pair of 11’s.  But not until then, Unless the Knicks aren’t playing basketball this year on the 23rd and I’ll get some long underwear and stand in line to get a pair of the Concords. Have a nice Weekend!
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