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Ditch The “Sitch” ..Hmmm

Well, its been buzzing around for a day or so that Abercrombie and Fitch wants to Ditch Mike “The Situation” from wearing their clothes  on the “Jersey Shore” Reality TV show.   The Jersey Shore is MTV’s most highly rated show with Teens and young adults.  And supposedly the retailer doesn’t want them wearing their clothes.

This is totally silly, A&F ACTUALLY AND REALLY DID make shirts that said “GTL” the Jersey Shores famous line for what they do all day-Gym, Tan and do the Laundry.  And to make matters even sillier they made tons of money selling a shirt that said “Fitchuation” on the front. Like, what is going on here? Doesnt  the main man at A&F know what he sells in his own stores? He sells shirts that he never would have sold if it wasnt for the Jersey Shore’s cast and their TV show. Now he doesn’t want them to wear his clothes? 

Me personally, I think this is either plain stupid or they are in cahoots together and in a day or two A&F will do a big publicity appearance and make up with the Situation and they will make a special new shirt to  sell 1 or 2 or a couple hundred thousand for charity-Or maybe they will make a new shirt or a whole new line of shirts and just  split the profits. I don’t know for sure what will happen, but this sure got way, way, way too much exposure on TV, blogs, Radio etc.  I’m even writing about it now.  What are  your thoughts on this?  Who’s the winner? the loser?  Good Call? Bad Call?  LMK what you think?

Chromeo’s Got Style!

The Girls all look like models, the club is filled with ONLY hot girls, No guys around, but the Hot Girls are all pregnant..hmmm. Take a look-see and watch the story pan out-watch until the end because it’s got a “little” twist. This Vid’s has lots of  Crisp, Cool Style with a capital S.  Pretty Catchy tune too, not as catchy as “Fancy Footwork”  or   “Tenderoni” but catchy.  Fun Story, kind of like watching a mini movie.  Guys-if  you want a quick look way to go out on the town in style, just dress like the skinny dude/Dave from Chromeo. Although, it might take a couple of days to grow the beard, the clothes should be easy to find at Nordstrom or even H&M.

Let me know what you think of the clothes and the tune?  I gotta’ run, got a dinner at my favorite Italian place on Oahu-Cafe Sistina, hope my favorite waitress is there too.

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