KCCN FM100 Birthday Bash 2011 Fashions…

The masses at the KCCNFM100 21st Annual Birthday Bash Waikiki Shell. 8/29 and 8/30 Streetzblog.com in da House!

This past Friday and Saturday night was the KCCNFM100 Birthday bash at the Waikiki Shell.  Clothing is basically T-shirts, shorts and kicks for the guys and Jean shorts or black skirts and various tops for the Gals. That said, here’s a quick listing of some of the HOT Streetz Stylez seen this past weekend.

For some reason I didn’t spot many happening kicks, Here’s what I did see in regards to T-Shirts that seem to be trending towards HOT!

Island Tat-The clothing sponsor who also had a booth with hats, shirts, and even shoes. They were able to stay close to the streetz with their tribal reggae designs yet still keep a nice somewhat underground street vibe.

Rogue Element-Had some pretty happening bright Yellow cracked smiley faces on black

False Crack shirts  made by T&C. These were quite simple and seemed very underground. Real simple dark grey on lighter grey shirts.  Probably could have stayed more street if they didn’t have the T&C logo on them.

Island Ray T shirts-Nice super bright pink flourescent designs on dark, dark black. Best I’ve seen Pink Look since the 80’s.

DLOC-These had a small green pot plant with a nice, solid silhouette  of King Kamehameha.   A little politically incorrect, but I did see many different brands using the King Kam statue silhouette including broke2gear and Defend Hawaii.

Defend Hawaii-Many different Island variations.  Other than, Island Tat, the hands down favorite and most popular  for this crowd.

abcdefgHI-I think it was made by Quicksilver, but not totally sure.

Broke2Gear-Saw a couple of the classic Blinged out with sweet, solid Rhinestone Bob Marley-“One Love” Shirts. One of my favorite shirts to wear when I travel, someone always asks me about it-Good way to meet new friends.

Neff Shirts-Fun Cartoony type shirts with big Neff Lettering on them. First time I saw these out in public. Then saw them again the next day at Zumies.

Quicksilver, Billabong, and Volcom  pretty much rounded out the rest of the brands.

A couple of other fun fashion statements:

1.  More Mohawks at the Birthday Bash then the at the LoveFest. Now that’s a big change.

2.  The most outrageous outfit of the night was a guy wearing a green camouflaged down WINTER jacket. It was nice looking, But and this is a BIG BUTT! It would have kept someone warm in Chicago in 17 degree weather, I’m sure it kept him nice and toasty in Hawaii’s 80 degree evening sunsets.

3. And the bright Green leaves flying high on the Waikiki Shell’s ceiling. See below:

Hmm, Nice, bright Green Leaves flying high above for all to see!

And before I watch Entourage, I gotta’ let you know I was able to take a shot at Tracy “Up All Night” Chan from Non Stop Honolulu, who usually is the one taking all the pictures.  Too bad its a bit blurry.  But my camera did take better pictures on Saturday night when I took them much slower and carefully.  First night, I had a bit of a hard time getting used to it. Look for lots more localized photos on Streetz blog soon.  Let me know what you saw people wearing at the bash or what you were wearing.  You can upload the pictures into the comment section or email me the pix or comments to me  at:   cybership001@yahoo.com

Non Stop Honolulu star Photographer and blogger at the Bash

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