The Real Deal Deadmau5 Kicks!

Wow-Just one day after I wrote about the Deadmau5 Jersey and the funky Rave sneaks, I found the “real deal” Deadmau5 kicks on one of my favorite French websites-Shoes-Up . These kicks are from Puma and Deadmau5 himself.  The Shoe and apparel line will be available throughout Europe Beginning August 1st.  The “Real Deal” Deadmau5 collection is inspired by elektro parties, vibrant elektro colors and of course the iconic Deadmau5 BIG ol’ mouse head. According to Shoes-Up Magazine the kicks and clothes will be available at Foot Locker, but looks like only in Europe, We’ll keep an eye out for them for you here on streetzblog and let you know if you can buy em’ on line or if Foot Locker gets a batch of gear for us stateside.

The "Real Deal" Deadmau5 Kicks and Clothes coming August 1st 2011

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  1. Nice article!!!! It great to find a blog with some interesting content.



    • Thank You for the support and for stopping by. Hope to hear from you again sometime.
      Have a nice Day or Night! What’s hot in the streetz in Japan? My friend brought me back a
      Harajuku “Fashion Town” shirt, but it’s a little bit too small. Actually a lotta bit too small..LOL
      But it is a pretty cool shirt that I’ve never seen around here. maybe I’ll use the material to make
      some hip Jeans or a jacket. 🙂


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