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Street Styles at LoveFest 2011-WnW Hawaii 8/23/11

I was at the 13th annual Love Fest at Wet n Wild Hawaii last night and as you know, wherever I go I try and spot out the hottest street styles that I can find.  Here’s a quick sampling of what people were wearing at this Huge 8,000 people plus Rave in Hawaii.  For lots more pictures of the event, check out Tracy Chan’s blog on Non Stop Honolulu, she usually has some really good pix of all the hot weekend events.


Black patent and pink Anime Harajuko style dresses and corsets with knee hi socks

Various cartoon characters like Minny Mouse and Cat Woman

Lots of black tops and black skirts

Flourescent beaded bracelets a la 1994

Bright and Light blue hair

Clear Black rimmed and colored eye glasses


Lots and lots of Nike Shoes-Jordans, Dunks, Airs, etc.

T-Shirts with foxy girls on them.  Girls naked, Girls with Girls, Girls kissing,Girls smoking, and Girls just plain looking sexy.

Shirts, no shirts, shorts, some dark skinny jeans, and Lots of backward/sideward baseball caps.

Flourescent rimmed Sunglasses and regular sunglasses at night.

And my favorite shirt of the night was a basketball jersey that said DEADMAU across the back with a number 5 on it to spell out DEADMAU5.  Here’s a picture of it that I found on-line and you can get them at fanfire.com

Deadmau5 basketball jersey as seen at the LoveFest 2011 in Hawaii

If you’re a reader of this site, you know I like a nice pair of shoes, here’s a perfect pair to go with your DEADMAU5 Jersey.


Let me know some of the Clothes and Shoes you thought were HOT at the 13th Annual LoveFest in Hawaii or at the latest Rave that you attended. Smile, compliment, be thankful and blessed. Have a great week!

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