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Hot as Nails..Hot off the Press!

These look so slick and cool and Hot and your nails can’t get too much more down with the Street lookin’ than this . This YouTube video from cute nails shows you a simple step by step process to get this super customizable  look.  And it looks just as cool using magazines-I’ve seen some nice nails using the National Enquirer, the paper quality is similar to newsprint, thus it works perfectly.

If you try it, leave some pictures down below for us to see. I can’t believe something so simple to do, can make something as awesome  as these customized nails.  I bet with a couple of friends help, I could set up a pop shop for a month or two and make some good money doing this for people, it would be like a Tattoo shop for nails-Waikiki Here I come..of course with some helpers.

For Custom Tattoo’s Check out my friends Lee, Ryson and Tyler over at Bespoke Custom Tattoo on Keeaumoku across street from Sam’s club near Ala Moana in Honolulu, HI.  For Custom Rhinestone Gear check out my friend Thomas at broke2 gear. For Custom Kicks I recommend NikeID or if you go to New York, stop by the Converse Store in NOHO-they have free iPads to use with tons of custom designs to choose from and the store is totally lots of fun just to hang out in!

If you’d like to, leave a comment below and let me know your favorite Custom brick and mortar store, website, idea, invention, that’s going down in your City or somewhere you’ve traveled.

Random Thought for today after watching the Fuse Much Music Video Awards Show: Hey-How come Avril Lavine has looked the same age for the last 12 years?  What is up with that? She doesn’t even have one single wrinkle.  Un Real ..eh? The premiere of the new season of “Breaking Bad” starts this Sunday/tonight on AMC.  The previews are looking pretty Killer! and show 4 of True Blood is on Sunday on HBO.  Great time for good shows there aren’t many sports being played right now on TV.

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