Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

I Found the New Entourage Trailer!

It looks similar to the one I  blogged about on July 3rd when I saw it one time really late, late at night on HBO. A few new things I saw on this updated trailer:   Last time I didn’t notice Sloan Sends E’s Ring back to him in the mail.    And last time I didn’t notice that Vinnie had 90 days sober, but looks like trouble is coming!  Other than that pretty similar to what I wrote about but couldn’t find for you last time.And It still has the cool Eminem Song in it.   “Entourage Season 8 premieres Sunday July 24th.  And I’m watching it LIVE!  click below and see the latest trailer for Season 8. Be warned-spoiler alert.. it tells us a lot about the new Season.  Even though we don’t see it in the trailer..I still think Ari’s gonna’ hook up with Dana!


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