Wish I was There…

Yeah!  you can watch the video from the blog now.  Technology and Learning Rocks! (It was pretty frustrating the last two blogs when all you could do is see and click on the linkage.  Looks much better with the real vid!)

This is a video of the Solemart Paris 2011 recap-the event JUST happened and it’s very fresh.  Kicks Galore!  And as you can see the Europeans are a bit more diverse with a lot more New Balance, and Adidas shoes being displayed. Most of the shows I’ve been to in the US have mostly Jordans and some Dunks.

Did you see the guy with the fresh out of the box Pigeon Dunks!  WOW!  Those are going for $2600 on Flight Club LA, that is if you can even find them in your size and if they have them in stock! Next to Jordan 11’s released every year around December 23rd these and the Jordan 11’s are the Biggest  Holy Grails to many Kick Collector’s.  When the Pigeon Dunks went on sale for the first time in NYC, people swung baseball bats at each other and caused quite a seen to get a pair. It was probably the single most biggest moment to spur on the Kick Collecting Scene all around the World.  I actually have a copy of the story that ran  in the NY Post.  And it was what encouraged me stand outside Nike Town one night to get a pair of limited edition only 50 made one piece red Dunks with soccer icons on them and one pair of Hawaii Prestos.  Thinking I had a pair of Holy Grails for someone.  Well, I tend to wear all my kicks and I still have the Dunks and Prestos in my house gathering dust, since  I don’t like the color red. Still havent made my millions or at least a few hun. oh, well didn’t really matter anyways-I had a super awesome time standing in line with everyone and met a lot of new friends with really HOT looking shoes! And before that I thought I was the only Sneaker Head in the world. Little did I know.

If I was at this event I would have tried to trade my Red Nike One Piece Dunks or Prestos or Lebron 1st games for some of those Jordans with the Gold tags on them.  Those were NICE! and looked like my size-10.

What did you wear on 4th of July-I rocked my NIB bright Green Statue of Liberty Dunks-Saved them since St Patrick’s Day..and they didn’t hurt my feet!!!

I wore these on 4th of July-What did you Rock?

Today I am available on twitter @scottmackenzie3  or HiChiNy.  Gonna Hang there until I pass out.  Have a Kick filled,  Scorching Hot,  Sizzling,  Jacking,  Sweet,  Great rest of the Week!

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