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Cowboys Kick Alien Butt!

Sweet! Nice Shirts!

I went to the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens Tonight/Thursday July 28, 2011, Daniel Craig was fun to watch, it had some real exciting action, a bit of humor and comp Shirts that I would buy in the store.  Grey and slate grey thin materialised shirts are my favorite. This one even has the distressed lettering. Pretty hip cool shirt for a movie premiere giveaway.  It even has the infamous nautical star that many people are getting tattooed over the last 5 years. The only thing missing is something to do with Aliens. The star shows the feeling of Cowboys, but I think it would have been Hot if they snuck the Alien in the background of the Star.  Although-fashionably over all an awesome shirt that I will wear this Summer and beyond. If you see the movie let me know what you think?  I think the critics can go many different ways on it.  Have a Great Weekend!!

The Real Deal Deadmau5 Kicks!

Wow-Just one day after I wrote about the Deadmau5 Jersey and the funky Rave sneaks, I found the “real deal” Deadmau5 kicks on one of my favorite French websites-Shoes-Up . These kicks are from Puma and Deadmau5 himself.  The Shoe and apparel line will be available throughout Europe Beginning August 1st.  The “Real Deal” Deadmau5 collection is inspired by elektro parties, vibrant elektro colors and of course the iconic Deadmau5 BIG ol’ mouse head. According to Shoes-Up Magazine the kicks and clothes will be available at Foot Locker, but looks like only in Europe, We’ll keep an eye out for them for you here on streetzblog and let you know if you can buy em’ on line or if Foot Locker gets a batch of gear for us stateside.

The "Real Deal" Deadmau5 Kicks and Clothes coming August 1st 2011

Street Styles at LoveFest 2011-WnW Hawaii 8/23/11

I was at the 13th annual Love Fest at Wet n Wild Hawaii last night and as you know, wherever I go I try and spot out the hottest street styles that I can find.  Here’s a quick sampling of what people were wearing at this Huge 8,000 people plus Rave in Hawaii.  For lots more pictures of the event, check out Tracy Chan’s blog on Non Stop Honolulu, she usually has some really good pix of all the hot weekend events.


Black patent and pink Anime Harajuko style dresses and corsets with knee hi socks

Various cartoon characters like Minny Mouse and Cat Woman

Lots of black tops and black skirts

Flourescent beaded bracelets a la 1994

Bright and Light blue hair

Clear Black rimmed and colored eye glasses


Lots and lots of Nike Shoes-Jordans, Dunks, Airs, etc.

T-Shirts with foxy girls on them.  Girls naked, Girls with Girls, Girls kissing,Girls smoking, and Girls just plain looking sexy.

Shirts, no shirts, shorts, some dark skinny jeans, and Lots of backward/sideward baseball caps.

Flourescent rimmed Sunglasses and regular sunglasses at night.

And my favorite shirt of the night was a basketball jersey that said DEADMAU across the back with a number 5 on it to spell out DEADMAU5.  Here’s a picture of it that I found on-line and you can get them at

Deadmau5 basketball jersey as seen at the LoveFest 2011 in Hawaii

If you’re a reader of this site, you know I like a nice pair of shoes, here’s a perfect pair to go with your DEADMAU5 Jersey.


Let me know some of the Clothes and Shoes you thought were HOT at the 13th Annual LoveFest in Hawaii or at the latest Rave that you attended. Smile, compliment, be thankful and blessed. Have a great week!

Entourage Premiere in NYC

Sloan Mails E back his E- Ring this Season

Last night was the Big night for all those lucky enough to be in NYC and be invited to the big, red carpet premiere of Entourage Season 8.  It was held on Wednesday July 20th at the Beacon Theater in extremely HOT weather.  Looks like pretty much the whole cast showed up and the attendees all got to watch the premiere of the first episode.  I didnt notice any Hot Kicks on anyone.  But the suits all looked nice on the main stars-mostly summer colors-Lighter blues, greys, a bit of dark blue and no black cause it was so super hot in NYC on Wed night.  So far, all I could find in attendance other than the stars of the show were: Producer and Stylist-Pharrel Williams and Friendstar-David Schwimmer, but I’m sure there were many more.

Jay-Z Already Got the Black Cement Retro Jordan 3’s

Well, after writing about planking, Owling, Chuting, and the Leisure Dive, I’m gonna get back to writing about Hot Kicks, clothes and Street culture.  But, if you do have a picture of a plank, owl, chute or Dive, upload it to me and I’ll post it on July 29th’s Page of Planks, Owls, chutes, Dives and more!  For now let’s set our sights on the new Jordan Retro 3’s and see Jay-Z rockin’ the yet to be released KICKS.

Getting closer to the Real Deal!


Here’s a pretty nice look at the highly anticipated release of the “Black Cement” Air Jordan Retro 3. Styled after the original worn by MJ in ’88, the shoe features a  black leather upper, cement grey accenting, Not real elephant print overlays and varsity red detailing. This colorway returns quickly after last releasing in 2008 as part of the Air Jordan Countdown Package with a retro colorway of the Air Jordan XX. For more up to the minute action on this shoe-stay close to Sole Collector.

As of today July 20th, these are on schedule for a November 25th (Black Friday) release. But as you can see in the picture below Jay-Z  already has His. Today at work, I’m wearing my Black Cat All Black 3’s-these are about the only Jordans I own that don’t hurt my feet-And I have at least 22 pairs of Jordans.  Can you say “Fashion before Function, I sure can and I do it at least 3 times a week!” Although, For many of you out there, the Jordans probably don’t hurt your feet, the only reason they hurt mine is I have wide feet and Jordans aren’t really made for wide feet. For the record I do want these new retro 3’s!

Color: Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey
Style: 136064-010

Jay Z already got his pair! And we gonna' need to fight for ours!

The Leisure Dive

This Leisure guy Dives High in the Sky!

I’ll stay on the record and say that “Planking” has not reached its peak yet, people around the office still havent heard the word yet, let alone done it. Planking is not Dead. But, what is new today is the Leisure Dive.  This one’s pretty funny-you pretty much dive or jump into a pool with beverage in hand looking like you’re leisurely lying on a beach, by a pool, or hanging in a hammock etc. Then your friend takes your picture in the Leisure position in mid-air.  Its pretty funny and Hawaii will be one of the perfect places to do this new “plank” type of activity.  

 The pictures on the site are pretty funny, but The part I was most amazed with, was whoever put the site up already has T-shirts and hats made to sell to hard partying, Life Loving Leisure Divers.   That’s some quick moving-Congrats!

Click here for the website on the Leisure Dive!

Planking, Owling and Chuting…OMG..What’s next?

Since I wrote about planking I’ve been trying to get you some “Planking in Hawaii” Pictures.  It seems harder than I thought.  I find people all over the place planking, but they keep their planks on their iPhones and smartphones, they show them to me and that’s about it. I can’t seem to get them off their phones. But by this time next week, I will have some shots for you, gonna take them myself if I can find even 1 of my 3 digital cameras. Or if my friend loans me their iFlip, I’ll take some this Saturday at the LoveFest at Wet n Wild Hawaii.  In the meantime here’s a Plank from Hawaii that I found on a website filled with hundreds of Planks from around the world.  The site is called and their slogan is “Stiff as a board All around the World”  This is a picture of a Plank Hawaiian Style at the Entrance to a Lava Tube. Pretty recent-It’s from July 4, 2011.

Planking in Hawaii at the entrance to a Lava Tube..July 4, 2011

Today, I asked my friend KC for some planking pix because I know he has some. He said “Nope, planking is out, Owling is in”.  I highly doubt planking is out, especially out here in the 808, it’s really just starting to catch momentum.  I suspect it will stay going at least until Labor Day. Then like all trends all of a sudden you wake up and its over.  Remember Pogs?

But being the interested street trend hunter that I am, I needed to find out what Owling was:  It was easy to find, Hillary Duff Did it earlier today and it made it to the E!online website as you can see below:

Hilary Duff Does the Owl:

Hilary Duff does the Owl on July 18, 2011

Definition of Owling seems to be: Crouch on anything with your kneesclosetogether with your chest and arms Str8t down.  Trend or Publicity stunt for Hilary?  LMK..seems like publicity stunt and it worked, I just wrote about her.

After seeing Owling, I looked for what else is going on and found this really fun video on Chuting from a girl who seems to also be a planking expert.  Her Owling video can be seen below and from there you can check out her planking video which has many of the hottest planks from around the world on it.

Email me some planks, owls or chutes from Hawaii or anywhere else in the World and I’ll collect and post them up  next week on  Now back to Kicks and Clothes on the street..YEAH!  But before that:  I know I gotta do a plank in the stock room in the back of a Footlocker store-that would be fun and it’s always awesome to be so close to so, so, so many Jordans!!

Hot as Nails..Hot off the Press!

These look so slick and cool and Hot and your nails can’t get too much more down with the Street lookin’ than this . This YouTube video from cute nails shows you a simple step by step process to get this super customizable  look.  And it looks just as cool using magazines-I’ve seen some nice nails using the National Enquirer, the paper quality is similar to newsprint, thus it works perfectly.

If you try it, leave some pictures down below for us to see. I can’t believe something so simple to do, can make something as awesome  as these customized nails.  I bet with a couple of friends help, I could set up a pop shop for a month or two and make some good money doing this for people, it would be like a Tattoo shop for nails-Waikiki Here I come..of course with some helpers.

For Custom Tattoo’s Check out my friends Lee, Ryson and Tyler over at Bespoke Custom Tattoo on Keeaumoku across street from Sam’s club near Ala Moana in Honolulu, HI.  For Custom Rhinestone Gear check out my friend Thomas at broke2 gear. For Custom Kicks I recommend NikeID or if you go to New York, stop by the Converse Store in NOHO-they have free iPads to use with tons of custom designs to choose from and the store is totally lots of fun just to hang out in!

If you’d like to, leave a comment below and let me know your favorite Custom brick and mortar store, website, idea, invention, that’s going down in your City or somewhere you’ve traveled.

Random Thought for today after watching the Fuse Much Music Video Awards Show: Hey-How come Avril Lavine has looked the same age for the last 12 years?  What is up with that? She doesn’t even have one single wrinkle.  Un Real The premiere of the new season of “Breaking Bad” starts this Sunday/tonight on AMC.  The previews are looking pretty Killer! and show 4 of True Blood is on Sunday on HBO.  Great time for good shows there aren’t many sports being played right now on TV.

Grey is the New Black-Summer 2011 Honolulu, HI

Grey is the New Black .. at least in ladies trousers

 Well, for years you hear people say that grey is the new black or brown is the new black and  nothing ever changes, black has always and will always be the coolest color and black will always be the new black.  Although, in the past few years with the economy acting up in some people’s heads and reality’s..Flat is the new in if your revenue numbers are flat from last year-you are doing good.

Grey all the Way!

Anyways:  For two months I have witnessed the ladies in downtown go from black to grey and in the beginning when I first noticed it, I thought “ah that’s just a trendy ahead of the time jet setter from NY or L.A” but after watching the downtown Honolulu crowd for the last two months straight. \This is not an isolated case of Grey taking over black. It is really happening.  BUT, before you throw everything out of your closet and run to the store to get Grey Clothes. I want you to know its Grey pants that are the “in thing” in downtown Honolulu. Ladies in Grey guys like business pants cut slim and sleek are the number one pair of grey slacks. Then you have the grey chinos, The grey tights, Jeans and everything else.  If you want to be “in” this summer and you’re only buying one pair, get the cool, hip, trendy, grey business pants cut sleek and slim..Winners!

Grey is good to go!

Note:  This is real, after a few weeks, I was going to write about it, but didn’t believe it, now after two months of seeing the grey pants everywhere in downtown. this is Real!  Grey pants on ladies in downtown Honolulu in the business district IS the NEW BLACK!

Nice $hoes!!

Nice picture-Expensive Kicks

I saw this picture today on hypebeast in their streetsnaps section. I was like Wow! that’s a perfect shot of shoes! black with a classy zipper, crisp clean white laces, perfectly scrunched skinny Khaki’s and a nice reflective shadow. So, I went on-line to find out what they were..come to find out the picture better look nice, these kicks are going for $1,025 on sale now for a mere $718USD at SSense.  I guess that’s why they caught my eye, they are crippling expensive kicks.  They are still nice especially with the crisp white laces and the perfectly scrunched khakis.  If you want a pair for real and have the  dough, check out Rick Owens Classic High Tops. Hey-maybe they cost so much because they are made in Italy.  First I’ve ever seen of this brand.
See you Thursday night at Lotus in Chi-Na-Town, Hawaii.  Gary O, Nocturna and Sniper Wells Dj’ing from 9P-2A.  80’s, 90’s, now, Punk, Post Punk, Industrial, Cyber-Goth, and more!  OH … and I’ll be Rockin’ my $150 Metallic Pewter Docs-which I thought were pretty expensive shoes!
Tonight's Shoes-Metallic Docs from Melrose Street in L.A Side View

Tonight's Shoes-Metallic Docs from Melrose Street in L.A Front and Side view


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