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It’s LEE time!

Crisp, New Jeans
Bedwin X LEE-Holly Original Fit Denim Pants Raw

From the Tokyo based Label-Bedwin and the Heartbreakers in collaboration with the iconic LEE Jeans label comes this crisp, clean, sleek pair of hot of the press Jeans.  Features nice bright red and yellow stitching on the pocket with a BIG Red and White LEE tag on the top right. This collabro makes actually wearing LEE jeans hip and cool. Not like seeing Brett Favre in some old lady looking jeans on TV and not wanting to wear the brand.  Oh, was that Wrangler?  Oh yeah..it was Wrangler.  Anyways, These Rock!  If you want to get a pair better hurry on over to the Tokyo sites-bedwintokyo.com or deepinsideinc.com  The news of these is new, but I bet they are selling pretty quickly. Since they come in a slim silhouette,  these would look awesome with some high tops like some black/red Jordan 1’s or Maize Retro Jordan 13’s.

HBO’s How to Make it in America Season 2-Super New Trailer


This is the trailer for HBO’s “How to Make it in America” Season 2, it doesn’t tell us much, but it does show us that the show is for sure coming back for another season!  I was hoping it was coming back because it was fun to watch NYC street culture in an actual TV show.  The show is pretty much like Entourage where sometimes its real and sometimes its fiction.  Last year’s show had special appearances by Kid Cudi and skater Javier Nunez amongst other fledgling stars of the screen and street.

If you’re into fashion or street culture, this is the show to watch!  Last year it showed Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon spending their last money they owned to make a pair of custom jeans to follow their dream to create the Hot new brand for all the hipsters and skaters to wear.  They did get the jeans produced but ran in a whole heck of a lot of trouble along the way.   The show also followed a street hustler trying to go straight by selling some sort of Jamaican energy juice, which had even more ups and downs, which were mostly down, yet pretty funny! 

Looking forward to seeing what happens this year.  Show is also fun to watch to see what everyone’s wearing from hard to find “Dunks” to slick pea coats  & classic boots, and that’s just what the guys had on. Who knows what brands the girls were wearing, I’m sure they were pretty trendy..and the ladies were flocking to the stores to get the goods.

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